WE LEAGUE promotes a society which allows everyone with a diversity of dreams and ways of living to individually shine through women’s football and other sports.

To host the best women’s football in the world.

  • WE LEAGUE will host the world’s top players and maintain the highest level of competition in the world.
  • WE LEAGUE will produce the world’s top players and staff.
  • WE LEAGUE will raise the quality of women’s football by developing the grassroots level all over Japan
  • WE LEAGUE will expand access for girls and women to enjoy football all over Japan.

To be the most active women’s community in the world

  • WE LEAGUE will make women the starting point and the driving force for positive change throughout society.
  • Beyond the world of sports, WE LEAGUE will be a platform bringing together a diversity of individuals, organizations, and companies

To be the most valuable league in the world.

  • WE LEAGUE will establish a strong league foundation to support the development of the social and competitive elements of our mission.
  • WE LEAGUE will prove the profitability of professional women’s football
  • WE LEAGUE will become a societal role model promoting equity, diversity and inclusion at the workplace and beyond.
The first Chairperson

Japan Women’s Empowerment Professional Football League

Okajima Kikuko


Cause of WE LEAGUE 

1. Be a driving force for gender-equity in Japan
2. Establish roots for “Professional Women’s Sports” in Japan
3. Contribute to the growth of women’s football in Japan
4. Reclaim the world championship for Nadeshiko Japan

Position of WE LEAGUE

WE LEAGUE is placed above the existing Nadeshiko League (Amateur top league).

Structure of WE LEAGUE

In the inaugural season, 11 teams are admitted to the WE LEAGUE. The League can invite clubs, but these clubs will not be relegated for several years.