WE ACTION DAY Mynavi Sendai Ladies play an escape game with junior and senior high school students to build relationships

On May 20, Week 19 of the 2022-23 Yogibo WE LEAGUE, Mynavi Sendai Ladies held their second WE ACTION DAY event this season. With 42 participants, 24 players, and 10 managers/staff, together they enjoyed an escape game "Save the Mynavi Sendai Ladies – Escaping a Space Crisis!"

Cooperating to "Save the Mynavi Sendai Ladies!"

At the Yurtec Stadium Sendai warm-up area, the event kicked off with a screen showing the universe. The participants who became curious about what was going to happen, the facilitator, "Master" reveals that "Deneb, the hometown of Mynavi Sendai Ladies' mascot, Myviy, was hit by a meteorite, and the athletes, Myviy, and Yurtec Stadium are about to be sucked into Deneb. Agents, you must work with your group members and players to stop the team from being sucked in within the time limit!"


First, the participants were divided in to 12 teams A to L, of three to five people each. Each team received a “dream sheet” with the description of the mystery which is asked to be solved and to be submitted to the operation center. The team with the correct answer were given a card and a profile sheet in exchange. Opposite from the center, was where the players and staff are trapped, and participants must find the players who match the symbols drawn on the cards, as they worked together to solve the mystery and rescue them.


Participants challenge each other to solve the first mystery. They filled in the blank based on the rules to decipher the code. They solved the mystery while consulting only with the members of their group. About 11 minutes in, the first team solved their mystery and exchanged information with the trapped players across the fence. They rescued the players who matched the animal and plant symbols drawn on the cards handed out at the operation center. About 26 minutes in, the first player was rescued and after 34 minutes all the players were successfully rescued.


After that, two players join each team as they advance to the next mission. To release Myviy and the Yurtec Stadium, a "dream energy" of the participants and players is necessary. So the teams discussed their dreams together in their own teams and gathered together to solve the next mystery.


Can everyone complete the mission within the time limit? About 45 minutes in, all 12 teams were able to report their answers to the operation center. The mission was successfully completed.


Clearing the new mission with the players. Sending power and support for the upcoming games

While communicating with the participants and Mynavi Sendai Ladies players, the mystery had been resolved and the universe should have been saved from the crisis, but additional information came from the master.


"A mysterious radio wave that has lost its place had hit this venue directly. In order to stop the collapse, all teams must cooperate and clear this mission!" displayed on the screen as everyone gathered to resolve the mission together.


First, the mission of arranging the players who were rescued previously had to position themselves according to the instructions on the screen. And the last thing that was displayed was a code that displayed the players’ uniform numbers. They have to decipher this code. The participant will solve this based on the clues from the first challenge.


"20 9 7 6 and 2 5 1 with everyone in the audience" → "Everyone in the audience scream thank you together," was the answer as everyone in the audience shouted "Thank you!" And finally this time, the universe was really saved from danger.


On behalf of the Mynavi Sendai Ladies, captain Nana Ichise thanked the participants for helping save the team. Ichise said, "I think that people got to know us a little better through the game. Everyone's enthusiastic support will become our energy, so please come visit Yurtec Stadium and fight together." It was also announced that the home game tickets for May 27 will be sent to those who participated.


The Master also said that when the players were about to be sucked into Deneb, their energy was also about to be sucked out, so he called out, "Let's send our energies and support the players at the game!"


A day where new connections were made through a mystery-solving game

At first glance, this WE ACTION DAY began with a mystery-solving game that is far from football. However, as the participants communicated with the players and the staff who gave them hints, they were able to learn about each person and what they were good at. This mystery-solving game has been planned by the club's female staff with the cooperation of KAKEHASHI CONSULTING CO.,LTD., a platinum partner of the club. It was also impressive that the staff set up various mechanisms for the participants to enjoy themselves.


Among the participants, Seri Sugimori and Moe Kogame, second-year high school students said, "It was fun interacting with Ichise and everyone else." It was a lot of fun listening to people’s dreams about football and opening a café," as they got to know a different side of the players.


Fumi Furuuchi, a first-year junior high school student said, "When I heard the word 'solving mysteries', I thought, 'maybe it’s difficult,’ but it was fun solving mysteries together with everyone. All the players were kind” as she spoke with sparkles in her eyes. At this event, some people got to know Mynavi Sendai Ladies and WE LEAGUE for the first time yet felt familiar.


The players were also happy to be able to interact with each other in a different way. Kaede Sato said, "those who have played sports other than football, were able to come into contact with football in a different way. It was also refreshing to be able to talk about our dreams with different people through football." It seems that there were participants in Sato's team who had the same dream as the players, "I want to sell out the Yurtec Stadium.”


Miina Matsunaga, who was the first to be rescued said, “Afterwards, they let me see the first card they solved, but it was difficult. I was so happy when they resolved it so quickly and came to rescue us. If they come to the stadium, they will really help us, and we want to give back as well," she reflected with a smile.


This WE ACTION DAY started without a clue on how to connect an escape game and football. But before they knew it, new connections were made between the participants, the players, the staff, and the WE LEAGUE. The people who participated will send their positive energy to the team at the stadium which will hopefully bring a lot of smiles to the WE LEAGUE and people.