INAC KOBE LEONESSA crowned champions of 2021-22 Yogibo WE LEAGUE. “Performance befitting for the first WE LEAGUE Champions” – the Chair of WE LEAGUE

INAC KOBE LEONESSA became the First League Champions of the 2021-22 Yogibo WE LEAGUE, organised by the Japan Women's Empowerment Professional Football League (WE LEAGUE), on 7th May 2022. This was the first time for the club to win the league title in nine years, since winning the Plenus Nadeshiko League in 2013.

The post-match comments from the Chair of WE LEAGUE are available below.

Post-Match Comments from Mrs. Kikuko Okajima, Chair of WE LEAGUE

Congratulations to the players, staff, partners and supporters of INAC KOBE LEONESSA on successfully winning the 2021-22 Yogibo WE LEAGUE. Their outstanding league performance was certainly befitting for the first WE LEAGUE Champions.

9 years have passed since the club won the league title in 2013, and 6 years since they won the national title, including the Empress's Cup JFA Japan Women's Football Championship.

Now, INAC KOBE LEONESSA have new impressive records to add to the inaugural season of the Yogibo WE LEAGUE, which happens to also be the club’s 20th year anniversary. INAC KOBE LEONESSA's momentum and strength was visible from the beginning of the season, when Megumi Takase scored the opening goal of the WE LEAGUE. The club has also achieved to win 16 consecutive matches, and go for 8 matches without conceding a single goal. Even at times when they had less possession of the ball in a match, they managed to conjure up and seize opportunities to seal the match with match-winning goals.

I would like to give a big round of applause once again to all the players, staff and everyone involved. I hope that as the first League Champions of the WE LEAGUE, the club will only continue to entertain football fans and empower spectators with their thrilling play.