WE LEAGUE signs a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) with La Liga. A tripartite
partnership agreement established together with
the Nadeshiko League.

Japan Women’s Empowerment Professional Football League (WE LEAGUE) is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with La Liga, the Spanish professional football league. This will be the first partnership agreement that WE LEAGUE will be signing with an international league. The MoU agreement was previously signed between the Nadeshiko League and La Liga, but with the recent launch of the WE LEAGUE, this MoU has been renewed as a tripartite agreement between the three parties.

The MoU agreement between the La Liga, the Nadeshiko League, and the WE LEAGUE will encourage the cooperation and knowledge-sharing in a number of areas, with the aim of further developing women's club football worldwide.

MoU partnership between La Liga, the Nadeshiko League, and the WE LEAGUE


●Liga Nacional De Futbol Professional (La Liga)

●Japan Women's Football League (Nadeshiko League)

●Japan Women’s Empowerment Professional Football League (WE LEAGUE)

Purpose of the MoU agreement:

●Cooperation between the three football leagues in promoting football globally.

The MoU agreement will encourage cooperation and knowledge-sharing in the following areas:

●Exchange of knowledge on areas such as organizational structures, marketing, and grassroots programmes.

●Collaboration through friendly matches, as well as support of coaching programmes.

●Cooperation towards the development and growth of women’s managerial and leadership programmes, and gender equity works.

Comments from Mrs. Kikuko Okajima, Chair of WE LEAGUE

I am very honoured that we, the WE LEAGUE have formed a three-way partnership with La Liga, one of the world's leading leagues, and the Nadeshiko League, who together support the promotion, strengthening and grassroots development of women's football in Japan. The WE LEAGUE has a vision 'To host the best women’s football in the world'. In order to achieve this, I believe we need to continue to cooperate and strengthen one another through engaging in friendly competition. The first step for this, is this partnership agreement, and we are looking forward to learning from both parties.

Comments from Mr. Kazumichi Iwagami, President of Nadeshiko League

The Nadeshiko League previously signed a partnership agreement with La Liga in 2018, but now, with the launch of the WE LEAGUE, a tripartite partnership agreement has been signed. We therefore hope that this partnership agreement will further help develop women's football in Japan. Furthermore, as the top amateur women's football league in Japan, the Nadeshiko League intends to continue promoting various initiatives, together with the cooperation of international organisations.

Comments from Mr. Pedro Malabia, Director of Women’s Football at La Liga

Japan is a reference in women's football and at La Liga, we are convinced that this kind of alliances offer a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and promote the women’s game globally.